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Leadership with vision

The management team in place since 2002 is responsible for running the company. That team is currently made up of the two managing directors, Philipp Grimme and Bernard Tepe, plus Mike Broermann (head of design), Daniel Repking (head of sales), Richard Tepe (authorised signatory and works manager) and Mike Grigo (commercial director). The team members represent their respective areas, for which they have full responsibility.

The future can come!

Looking back on recent years, we feel optimistic that we can also handle future tasks successfully. This view is primarily based on the dedication, spirit and good capabilities of our employees.

Although INTERNORM has shown strong growth, we still see ourselves as one big family. Mutual trust and loyalty are very important for us. That will remain the case in the future and in times of tough competition. Developing and testing new ideas for products will be top priorities in the coming years as well. Nevertheless, a globalised, increasingly networked world with fast access to data presents us with many challenges in everyday operations. At the same time, we see changes as new chances, too.

We grow with our responsibilities

This premise still applies. For example, it is our goal to tap new markets and, in the long-term, to become the European market leader in polyurethane, especially in the casting of polyurethane. We are already on course towards those goals and are planning to expand our range of polyurethane products by exploiting new production methods.

We are also looking to gain a foothold in the special field of high-pressure casting. Our aim is to expand our strengths as a provider of innovative polyurethane products and to improve productivity.

A fast and flexible response

Some developments cannot be predicted. For example, synthetic materials made from regenerative raw materials are not too far away. We do not yet know where this journey is taking us, but we shall remain flexible and ensure that we can respond fast when necessary.

On this path to the future, every employee is needed and must face the challenges. They form our foundation and we can always count on them because they form a team that is 100% behind the company and its products. Our heartfelt thanks go to them all. Without them our rapid development would never have happened.

[We thank them for their contribution!]



Our management team


Team Mitglied



Team Mitglied



Team Mitglied





Tasks and responsibilities are best coordinated in a dialogue. Characteristic features are close, intensive cooperation, a constant exchange of information, compact communications channels and fast decision-making processes.

The team members meet regularly, decide on deadlines and together search for potential solutions, e.g. in the case of problems or necessary changes to processes. The advantage is that all team members have the same up-to-date information. Short- and long-term targets are determined every year. In doing so, the management team checks whether the company is keeping to its own stipulations.


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