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Design and mouldmaking

The key to success is not dependent on modern technology alone. Instead, success also depends on employees knowing how to use the technical possibilities properly and fully.
Every day, our highly motivated designers deal with parts and moulds that must be tailored to your individual requirements.

Besides new developments, they are also constantly searching for new options for improving existing products. Consequently, your product is always up to date and always one step ahead of your rivals.


Tools and moulds that match your requirements


Do you need tools and moulds to produce your parts? Are you looking for a full-service provider and want to use the all-round services of INTERNORM? Are inspections and maintenance of your tools and moulds important? If so, then take advantage of our toolmaking and mouldmaking services.



  • A realistic foundation for success: Every design considers the technical realisation as well, takes into account the method of production. Results are presented in the form of 3D computer simulations. We watch the costs too.
  • Keeping an eye on function and design: During the concept and design phases, the priority for us is always providing a reasonable solution. Put us to the test!
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Konstruktion Werkzeugbau
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Konstruktion Werkzeugbau
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  • We can respond flexibly at any time.
  • Fine-tuning allows us to achieve an optimum result for you.
  • You want changes? We create the necessary retooling solution – fast, reliable and safe!
  • Provision of moulds for casting and injection moulding.
  • Our skilled maintenance personnel guarantee that your tools and moulds are permanently available.
  • Your moulds can be maintained at any time.
  • Servicing of your tools and moulds plus fire-protected storage.


The [PUR]e advantages


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When producing your component, we can make use of three production options. Take advantage of our experience in production!

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Advantage 2

Our engineers and technicians use their experience to your benefit in every product. We keep an eye on the costs too!

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Advantage 3

Our corporate philosophy calls for all our employees to focus on the customer.



The [PUR]e focus on development and production



Are you looking for a specialist to manufacture your injection-moulded parts? Then take a look here.

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Do you need large, soft or elastic parts made from polyurethane? Then simply get in touch with us!


Here are some examples of cylinders with [PUR] coatings. Take advantage of our all-round service.


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