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Agricultural machinery

The following problems are only too well known in agriculture:

  • heavy machines
  • calls for ever greater output per hectare
  • small batches for parts
  • dirt and dust in machinery
  • little time for new developments

If you have such problems, then get in touch with Internorm.

Owing to its outstanding mechanical properties, hardwearing polyurethane is the ideal plastic for designers and engineers working on agricultural technology projects. As a result of the many manufacturing methods (casting and injection-moulding), small, medium and large batches present no problems for Internorm. The wide range of hardness values – from 20° Shore A to 70° Shore D – mean that this rubbery chemical substance with its outstanding mechanical strength is the ideal material for the harsh world of agriculture. However, we also use other polymers depending on the particular application.

We produce for applications in which [PUR] is dragged through the soil! The dirt-repellent smooth surfaces mean that users have fewer problems with the caking of soil than is the case with other plastics or metals.

Steel replaced by hard polymers:

In order to save costs and weight, we develop replacements for the steel parts of many customers. The advantages of plastics are obvious: low weight, no corrosion, no painting necessary, cost-effective and self-cleaning!

Internorm can supply parts for seed drills, fertiliser spreaders, mowers, balers, crawler tracks, tractors, harvesting machines and slurry tankers.

We can develop your product. Simply get in touch with us – we look forward to helping you!

Because [PUR] is our DNA!


Examples of applications



The [PUR]e focus on development and production



Are you looking for a specialist to manufacture your injection-moulded parts? Then take a look here.

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Do you need large, soft or elastic parts made from polyurethane? Then simply get in touch with us!


Here are some examples of cylinders with [PUR] coatings. Take advantage of our all-round service.


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