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General machine engineering

The quality and precision of our products have made us an efficient technology partner to machine suppliers. Wherever maximum strength, ideal rolling conditions and extreme wear resistance are required, our polyurethane parts represent good options. The potential applications, particularly in conjunction with metals, polyamide, textiles, hardboard and glass fibre, are almost unlimited.

Polyurethane-coated cylinders produced by means of rotational moulding exhibit high wear resistance and good resistance to oils, greases and solvents. [PUR] coatings perform particularly well under dynamic loading, and when abrasion and tear propagation resistance plus good rebound (resilience) qualities are required; also when a good-quality, even coating is essential.

The production methods we employ ensure that the polyurethane coatings from Internorm are especially homogeneous. This is particularly important for roller and cylinder coatings that come into contact with products vulnerable to damage (e.g. paint coatings on steel or aluminium, wooden surfaces). Any unevenness in the coating here would cause permanent blemishes.

Internorm’s polyurethane-coated products are tailor-made for the demands of many machine engineering applications.

Besides cylinders and rollers, cast and injection-moulded plastic parts are being used more and more in machines. They replace steel, in the form of wear parts, or are used to reduce weight, or serve as guards and screens. Internorm can handle both large and small batches cost-effectively. We are always ready to help with your developments and provide samples. We can work to your individual specification.

Where possible, we are happy to replace expensive steel or stainless steel parts by glass fibre-reinforced polymers optimised for the particular wear situation. For large batches in particular, it is frequently worth considering this alternative.

Housings made from hard cast polyurethane can be a good alternative for smaller batch sizes. We can also incorporate metal inlays, e.g. the inclusion of reusable screw threads.


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