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Cylinders for products supplied in
rolls, e.g. paper, film, foil, textiles

The processing of paper, film and foil calls for cylinders with maximum precision, maximum durability. In order to minimise maintenance work, only the very best polymers are used for the coatings. We process the appropriate polyurethane and rubber blends for your application. INTERNORM can supply cylinders in lengths of up to 6 m and diameters of up to 1500 mm.

Numerous special blends are available for paper finishing in particular. From alkali- and acid-resistant EPDM to electrically conductive [PUR] and heat-resistant Viton, we use only the best materials to suit the high demands of the respective situation. For special applications we work with so-called sandwich elements, which consist of a softer core and harder outer facing.
For the cardboard industry, INTERNORM’s no-crush rollers with their abrasion-resistant surface are superior to rubber rollers. Slitting and winding cylinders round off the INTERNORM product range.

Our Intec HI material is frequently used in the processing of textiles where good resistance to heat and chemicals is essential. Put us to the test!


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Here are some examples of cylinders with [PUR] coatings. Take advantage of our all-round service.


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