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Product development and prototypes

Are you looking for a partner who will support your product development? If so, then INTERNORM can meet the specific requirements of your brief. In doing so, we strengthen our position when it comes to products for future markets.


Always one step ahead


  • Your innovator: With great experience and new momentum for your new developments.
  • Knowledge counts: We are versatile and develop the solutions you require in close cooperation with your team.
  • Strong position: When it comes to polyurethane products, we have gained a good reputation throughout Europe.


Gaining knowledge through prototypes


Right through the development phase, upon request we can supply our customers with models and prototypes for their own functionality tests. That’s quick and economic for you.

  • Models for approval: Prototypes are made from tough materials, e.g. polyamide. The density is almost the same as the later plastic part and ensures more certainty for your decisions. We also cast original [PUR] samples using moulds printed previously. Injection moulding allows us to mill components beforehand from semi-finished parts. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!
  • Rapid prototyping: We fabricate prototypes and models during the planning phase. This is fast and straightforward. The special advantage here is that we do not need to build or fabricate a mould in order to model a three-dimensional part.



How strong does a material have to be? What loads does a new product have to withstand? Our professional team is ready to work on your specific challenges. We determine important data in advance so that everything runs smoothly later.

  • We test conscientiously: The right measuring technology is crucial. We record measurements exactly. Once we are satisfied, we give the go-ahead for production.
  • With expertise and dedication: In our laboratory we develop further materials for various applications. Always in close cooperation with customers, suppliers and research institutes.
Produktentwicklung Prototypen Rollen
Produktentwicklung Prototypen
Produktentwicklung Prototypen - Mike Broermann
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Produktentwicklung Prototypen
Produktentwicklung Prototypen Polyurethan
Produktentwicklung Prototypen
Produktentwicklung Prototypen
Produktentwicklung Prototypen
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  • You gain practical knowledge for producing the mould right from the start.
  • Prototypes can be screwed or glued together, also painted.
  • You save time and money because rapid prototyping is much faster and less costly than conventional prototyping.

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