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Screening and recycling – where the abrasion resistance of [PUR] really counts

Whether star-disc roller, drum or flat screens, polyurethane means you always have the ideal plastic at your disposal for such applications. Small and larger quantities can be handled with relatively low mould costs.

Careful sorting with elastic materials


For fruit and vegetables in particular, sorting processes need soft materials that handle the goods carefully. Internorm can cast polyurethane with a hardness as low as 20 Shore A for these purposes.

Our screening products are used in composting, for sieving soils, in agriculture, in mining, for wood chips and, of course, for recycling materials.


The durability advantage


As polyurethane is flexible and not as brittle as steel, such screens last considerably longer than those made from other materials. The strong cross-linking of this polymer offers the abrasion resistance necessary for such aggressive working conditions.


The mould cost advantage


The relatively low cost of the mould favours the production of both small and larger batches.


Sifting webs


Sifting webs are used in agricultural machinery, composting and beach cleaning operations. Sifting webs are made from reinforced rubber belts with riveted bars, the spacing and design of which define the sifted products. Internorm works closely with the Ricon company in this area.



Examples of applications



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