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Steel & aluminium processing

Metal processing: the best answers to your conveying, pressing and guiding needs
Polyurethane coatings considerably prolong the service lives of pinch rolls as well as painting, guiding and conveying cylinders in the steel and aluminium industries. Using the ribbon flow method, we can apply a coating of polyurethane up to 30 mm thick to a cylinder core in one pass. There is hardly any more cost-effective or faster way. At the same time, both the quality and the mechanical properties are outstanding.

Our polyurethane Intec RTE material excels in terms of wear resistance and resistance to oils, greases and solvents. Our [PUR] coatings perform particularly well under dynamic loading and when abrasion and tear propagation resistance plus good rebound (resilience) qualities are required.

Furthermore, the INTERNORM cold- and hot-casting polyurethanes enable our customers to employ cast plastic parts profitably.

Coil coating cylinders:


INTERNORM [PUR] Intec CI has become well and truly established in the coil coating industry. Thanks to their outstanding solvent resistance and good swelling behaviour but at the same time excellent resistance to abrasion and cuts, polyurethanes are being used more and more for the painting of steel coils. We would be happy to refurbish and recoat your old cylinders. Our cylinder assembly shop can provide you with a complete service, including recoating, ball bearing maintenance, seal replacement, balancing, etc. Put our service to the test!


Outsourcing of cores –
exploiting expertise


As a supplier of cylinders, INTERNORM has excellent connections to metal roller manufacturers worldwide. Moreover, being part of Grimme Group means we have good access to metalworking machines. We can therefore easily offer you complete cylinders including core, ball bearings, seals, pillow blocks, etc.

Exploit our expertise in long-lasting cylinders!


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Here are some examples of cylinders with [PUR] coatings. Take advantage of our all-round service.


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