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IT systems of the GRIMME Group affected by hacker attack

On Tuesday, 28.11.2023, the GRIMME Group was attacked by hackers. Due to the worldwide networking of the GRIMME Group companies (SPUDNIK, ASA-LIFT, INTERNORM, RICON and GRIMME), all IT systems are being intensively checked.

The GRIMME IT team reacted immediately and is working with external specialists to check the gateways and the effects. With the utmost caution, the IT systems are gradually being restarted in order to make areas of the companies operational again. Production and service-relevant systems have the highest priority.

In addition, due to the well-known cyber attack, we would like to point out possible free riders. They take advantage of the IT disruption, send phishing emails and fake calls to request data from the company. If there is any doubt as to whether an email or call comes from INTERNORM, please contact your contact person immediately to be on the safe side and consult.

Due to a hacker attack, there may be restrictions in the processing of inquiries, orders, invoices and complaints as well as the job portal and websites. The production is not affected and can continue to manufacture.

We ask for your understanding.



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Looking back on recent years, we feel optimistic that we can also handle future tasks successfully. This view is primarily based on the dedication, spirit and good capabilities of our employees.

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