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– polyurethane cylinders


Thanks to their outstanding properties, polyurethane materials have long since become firmly established for the coating of cylinders.

The facts that distinguish our polyurethanes: 

  • Good abrasion resistance and tear propagation resistance.
  • Resistance to solvents, glues, fuels, mineral oils, paints and greases.

These are just some of the reasons why more and more cylinders with a polyurethane coating are being used. Cylinder coatings are available with hardnesses from 20 Shore A to 70 Shore D depending on the method of manufacture.

Internorm produces sandwich systems with a softer core and harder outer facing, profiled cylinders with crown or conical grinding as well as plain cylindrical designs.

Three production methods are available: which allows us to handle the most diverse applications.

  • Paint application rollers are mostly produced using the relatively complex hot-casting method.
  • Conveyor and other heavily loaded elements are produced using rotational moulding (also known as ribbon flow).
  • Wherever the surface characteristics are not the number one priority, e.g. feed cylinders for the woodworking industry, then Internorm’s Intec E cold-casting system produces a cost-effective and hardwearing synthetic material that is quickly processed.

Internorm cylinders can be supplied complete with a core but also as a new coating. They are manufactured accurately according to customers’ specifications and checked in our quality assurance department. In the case of special designs, you can call on Internorm’s team of advisers, who are thoroughly familiar with this topic. In those fields in which polyurethane cylinders are not used, we can also offer you blends based on rubber and silicone.

Which material is best for the respective application? The decision depends on the chemical and physical loads and the properties the cylinders require. Our qualified specialists will be happy to visit your premises and advise you about the use of the right grades.

Internorm has made a name for itself in the international market for roller and cylinder coatings. Whether in the can, steel, wood or plastics industries or in engineering fields generally, Internorm cylinders are durable and accurate.