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INTERNORM has made a name for itself as an innovative and reliable partner. And has set national and international standards when it comes to roller and cylinder coatings. This overview will help you understand what Internorm is all about.

This is what distinguishes Internorm:
Rollers and cylinders from INTERNORM are long-lasting and are made from the very best materials. Customers are convinced again and again: in the can, steel, woodworking and plastics industries, also for machinery in general.

Internorm rollers and cylinders to customer specification
Internorm rollers and cylinders can be supplied complete with cores but also as new coatings applied to cores you supply.

We manufacture exactly according to your stipulations. Our QA Department carries out constant checks. A team of experienced advisers fully conversant with the subject is ready to help in the case of bespoke items.

The optimum solution for every application
Irrespective of the configuration, we can offer you

  • high-quality polyurethane coatings
  • special rubber elastomers
  • cylindrical forms
  • profiled rollers and cylinders, crown-shaped or with conical grinding

Further bonuses for you:
Our full-service package for rollers and cylinders makes us the right partner for you. From grinding the cylinders to replacing the bearings.

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