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Woodworking industry – proven qualities for machinery

Thanks to their outstanding properties, polyurethane materials have long since become firmly established in woodworking machinery. There are many applications in the woodworking industry.

The main reasons for this are as follows:

  • The resistance to solvents, glues, fuels, mineral oils, paints and greases
  • The extremely variable hardness range, from 25 to 95 Shore A
  • The significantly longer service life compared with rubber

Moulded elastomer parts can also be used in the woodworking industry.

Internorm supplies rubber-coated plates for conveyor chains, track links, sealing membranes and engineered plastic parts to customers’ specifications. Cores or other metal items can be supplied as well.

The materials we use: polyurethane, silicone, rubber and sponge rubber in all grades.

We manufacture the following specially for the woodworking industry:

glue application cylinders, painting cylinders, paint stripper cylinders, laminating cylinders, moulded and injection-moulded parts for the furniture industry, feed rollers (Weinig, Harbs, Gubisch, etc.), new rubber coatings on old cylinder coatings, also track links and diverse special assemblies for sanding plant, CNC milling machines, circular saws, automatic grooving plant, feed units (Holzher), edge-banding machines, board coating plant and plastic parts for special machines.