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Daniel Repking
+49 5491 9691-314

In collaboration with BERA now we manufacture for international sales:
„BERA Powerpads“

Advantages of „Bera Powerpads“

  • Balanced polyurethane mix ensures long life and top traction.
  • Special production method ensures that the polyurethane coating cannot become  detached from the stud mountings.
  • High-strength studs and nuts for maximum load-carrying capacity; serrated  frame profile for optimum bond between polyurethane and stud mountings.
  • Interlocking fit ensures perfect positioning in the base plates, and that means  lower loads on the boldted conntections. The nuts cannot comeloose by  themselves.
  • No overhang at the sides of the base plates, which means there is also no risk of  the Powerpads being ripped out. Best protection for the Powerpads when digging  into the ground, and for tight tums.
  • No special tools are needed for fitting and the stud system shortens the fitting  time considerably. All nuts are easily undone when replacing worn plates. Very  easy to do on site as well.

Alternatively, we offer course on the standard pads:


For German domestic orders, please contact directly to the company BERA.