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Precision is a principle for the cardboard and paper industries

The processing of paper and corrugated cardboard calls for high-precision, durable cylinders. In order to minimise maintenance work, only the very best plastics are used for the coatings.

Tailored to your application: We process the appropriate polyurethane and polycarbonate blends for your application. We can supply cylinders in lengths up to 5500 mm and diameters up to 1500 mm.

Paper finishing:Numerous special blends are available for paper finishing in particular.

Internorm uses only the best materials to suit the high demands of the respective situation:

  • alkali- and acid-resistant EPDM,
  • electrically conductive PUR, and
  • heat-resistant Viton.

In certain cases we work with so-called sandwich elements which consist of a softer core and harder outer facings.

For the paper industry, Internorm’s no-crush rollers with their abrasion-resistant surface are superior to rubber rollers. Slitting and winding cylinders round off the Internorm product portfolio.