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Ideal for use in agriculture

  • Heavy machines
  • Ever greater output per hectare
  • Small batches
  • Little time for new developments 

If you are looking for new solutions to these problems, then Internorm can help. 

Hardwearing polyurethane is the ideal plastic for designers and engineers working on agricultural technology projects. Typically, polyurethane’s outstanding mechanical properties are a great advantage here. 

Production requirements:

As a result of the many manufacturing methods (casting and injection-moulding), small, medium and large batches present no problems to Internorm. 

A wide range of hardnesses from 20 Shore A to 70 Shore D. This means that this rubbery chemical substance would seem to be the ideal choice for the tough world of agriculture. Polyurethane also exhibits an excellent mechanical strength. 

However, we also use other plastics depending on the particular application.