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Gaining insight with prototypes

Right through the development phase, upon request we can supply our customers with models and prototypes for their own functionality tests.

Models as visual aids: Our prototypes are made from heavy-duty polyamide with a density very similar to that of the final plastic product. That helps to guarantee a sound basis for decisions.

Rapid Prototyping: This method enables us to produce prototypes and models for you quickly and easily even during the planning phase. The special feature of this method is that no moulds have to be built in order to produce a three-dimensional part, nor is any mechanical fabrication involved.

The advantages for you:

  • Conventional prototypes allow you to gain practical insights right from the start which can then be incorporated in the production of the mould.
  • Prototypes can be screwed, bolted, welded, painted and glued.
  • Rapid prototyping is much faster and cost-effective than conventional prototyping, which saves time and money.