Injection-moulded parts

The injection-moulding process allows us to handle very large batches inexpensively.Our entire expertise is fed into the development of individual products for our customers. The choice of the right material (TPU, PA, POM, ABS, PE, etc.) depends on the chemical and physical requirements of the final application. With our own toolmaking shop and parts design department we are able to offer a full service for injection-moulded components. In particular, parts made from our new TPU Ether material are employed for applications with the highest mechanical demands. This material is flexible and very hardwearing and is suitable for many applications, e.g. sifting systems.Parts made from two components, e.g. a loadbearing outer coating made from glass fibre-reinforced material and a soft inner coating made from TPU, are very much in demand. Such cast parts call for a high degree of planning and a certain development and trial phase. Before ordering an injection mould, samples in the form of laser-sintered elements made from polyamide are frequently fabricated. It is therefore possible to view the part without having to invest in a mould beforehand.We have injection-moulding machines for casting parts from 20 g to 3000 g.